Del Mar News:        

Reminder: Membership meeting for April will be held on the 21st at the Dewey Beach Fire Station located at 14825 Deception Road starting 10:00 am.

 PVC Mains Replacement: Our 40 year old PVC water mains have reached the end of their life. These old pipes become brittle with age and several major breaks/fractures have occured in recent years. Our engineer has developed a plan to replace them with pipes that have a much longer life. Estimated costs range from $2.1 million to $2.6 million to replace the mains along Rosario Road, Marine Drive and upper Biz Point Road. We are looking into low-interest government loans. Updates will be provided at the November Membership Meeting. To view the engineering report:  Login & then click on Forms/Docs->Water System Plan->2017.

Water Rate Increase: Anacortes has increased our water rate. We had a mid-year water rate increase effective July 1st, see here for notice mailed in June. Please conserve water!  Members who run yard irrigation systems will see very high water bills unless you decrease your irrigation times.

Del Mar Privacy Policy: Please click here to view the policy.

2016 Consumer Confidence Report: Our annual water quality report available here.

Cold Weather Tip: Remember to winterize your plumbing that is exposed to freezing temperatures!

Another Landslide at Telegraph Bight 12/20/2015:
Danger - do not use the stairs at Telegraph Bight! The stairs have been badly damaged. To prevent injuries, we have locked the access gate. Click on  Forms/Docs & then click on "Landslide Info" to see the latest photos & relevant documents. You will need to login first.

Backflow Prevention: Per WAC-246-290-490, you are required to install a backflow prevention device if you have a sprinkler system, pool, spa, pond, water treatment system, boiler, fire sprinklers, or other cross-connection risk. The deadline to install a required backflow prevention device is 12/31/2015. Click here for the full list and details. Also click here for info from the Dept of Health. Call or email the Del Mar WDM if you have any questions.

Please conserve water! :
Especially if you have sprinklers or landscape watering, try to reduce your outdoor water use by 50% vs last year. Your water bill will cost a lot less! Watering at night helps to reduce water waste due to evaporation.  Washington State requires that we adopt water conservation measures.

Quarterly Billing Reminder:
Your quarterly invoice includes a water bill for the prior 3 months AND the Membership Dues & Fees for the upcoming 3 months. Note: you can also pay your entire year's dues & fees up-front if you wish. Call the office if you have any questions. Click on "Forms/Docs" and then "Dues/Rates/Assessments" to get the 2017 rate schedule(prior to the mid year increase mentioned above).

Website Login Note:
After you login, you will see "View/Edit your profile" on the left. You can click on this to view and edit your user profile, change your password, change your email address, etc. Please verify that your email address is correct. We use this email address to notify you in case of a water main break, water shut-off, or other water system emergency.

Del Mar Non-emergency Communication Policy: For non-emergency issues, if a Del Mar member has a request, complaint, proposal or other issue for Board consideration, it can be communicated by sending a signed letter to the Board. Please include sufficient details and background information so that the Board can understand the issue. The letter should be sent via US Mail to the Del Mar office addressed to the Del Mar Board of Directors.

If received at least ten days prior to a Board meeting and the issue does not require much research, the member will be invited to that Board meeting for further discussion. If not received in time, or the issue is complex, then the discussion will take place at the next subsequent Board meeting. A decision may or may not be made at the initial presentation, but the Board will, as a whole, draft a response without individual phone calls or emails.

How to check for a water leak: Make sure you don't have any water running and then check your water meter to verify that it is not spinning. If it is spinning (even very slowly), then you have a leak. If you cannot locate your meter, please call the office for assistance at 360-299-2653.

If you want us to send someone out to look at the meter for you, please call the office to schedule. There will be a $30 charge for this service. State law prohibits us from repairing leaks on your side of the meter. If the leak is on your side of the meter, please call a plumber. Please note that each member is required to pay for all water leaked on their side of the meter.